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Want to take the next step into the exciting world of paid modelling?

If you have ever dreamed of having a career as a world-class model, brand ambassador, actor, television host, MC, social media-based entrepreneur, or influencer, you’ve come to the right place.

Our world renowned Top Model Development Program is your fast-track gateway to succeeding in the very competitive and exciting world of modelling and influencing. 

Learn and train with Australia’s leading modelling experts and world class trainers who have years of experience working with top fashion brands and media giants.  

Harvey James Management is excited to announce we NOW OFFER a pathway for EVERY new aspiring model to train with Australia’s leading modelling experts.

Join today and complete our online, 1-on-1 Top Model Starter Program without any wait or interview process to then potentially be invited to complete our secondary in-person Top Model Pro Program.

Our Top Model Pro Program is by invite only, and is your chance to meet the HJM Trainers in-person to continue your extensive training and kick start your modelling career. Aspiring models who are invited to join the Top Model Pro Program will also have the opportunity to book a Top Model Agency Signing Interview with HJM Founder and Principal, Jade Taylor to show the HJM Agency why they should sign you as their newest star talent. 

Sounds great, right? 

Well, it gets even better; we are so confident in our Top Model Program that when you successfully complete all six modules of the Top Model Program and qualify to become a HJM signed model, we guarantee you at least one paid assignment offer to kick start your modelling career.

Below is some more information on why HJM is considered the FIRST CHOICE for aspiring models and talent.

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Here are 14 Reasons Why Harvey James Management is Considered the First Choice for Aspiring Models and Promotional Talent:

We believe our consistent business growth in the highly competitive talent industry stems from our honesty and integrity with every one of our valued models and satisfied clients. 

Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet, a flood of unscrupulous agencies are popping up all over the world, resulting in many models feeling undervalued and unseen rather than feeling like top working models.

Understand not all agencies are the same in regard to you being treated with respect, dignity, and the support you need in reaching your goals and aspirations.

It’s essential that in a cutthroat industry, where many aspiring models are taken advantage of, that you do your research and only trust a reputable company with a team of professionals that goes the extra mile for their corporate clients and who acts as fierce protectors of their models.

So, I want to quickly explain why you can place your trust in Harvey James Management’s professionalism and team who have a long history of industry-leading experience in ensuring you reach your goals and beyond.


GREAT REASON #1: Harvey James Management Respect Guarantee: We guarantee to always look out for you and to treat our clients and models like peers and valued partners, not merely a source of revenue and profits.

GREAT REASON #2: Harvey James Management Industry Leading Academy: We combine global knowledge and professional local industry experience, training you on cutting edge skills and techniques, setting you up to succeed in the industry.

GREAT REASON #3: Harvey James Management Modelling Assignment Offer Industry First Guarantee: In what we believe is an Industry first we guarantee all NEW ASPIRING SIGNED MODELS who complete all six modules of our Top Model Program and Meet the Standards required of a Top Model, that you want to achieve anyway, then you will be offered at least one paid modelling assignment, within 12 months or less. That shows how confident we are in what we can do for you. 

GREAT REASON #4: Harvey James Management Tailored and Bespoke Training Guarantee: We guarantee to structure our training to suit your individual needs. Our coaches have years of experience working for fashion and media giants and are successful entrepreneurs in their own right, so they know the best way to help you succeed no matter what your aspirations are.

GREAT REASON #5: Harvey James Management Self-confidence Promise: We promise to teach students life skills that will enable them to build self-confidence, practice professional etiquette and understand good decision making, helping them best navigate an exciting and fast paced environment.

GREAT REASON #6: Harvey James Management 100% Trust Guarantee: We guarantee to always act in accordance with a win- win – win environment ensuring a fair and honest workplace that benefits the models, our clients, and the business at all times.

GREAT REASON #7: Harvey James Management Accelerated Brand Reputation: Our prestigious event clientele provide our models with quality exposure and more paid work than ever, growing our model’s reputation as the go-to solution for special appearances and events.

GREAT REASON #8: Harvey James Management Professional Portfolio Photoshoot: Our high fashion photoshoot module is the foundation to building your niche. This experience includes an expert, highly experienced, reputable photographer and posing coach, along with a curated, professionally edited portfolio, handpicked by Jade Taylor, the agency principal.

GREAT REASON #9: Harvey James Management Branding & Reputation: Our advanced Branding and Reputation module takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of getting your life ‘squared away’, ready to become a professional model. This includes a thorough social media audit to ensure you are professionally presented and organised with a stellar reputation from the minute you start working.

GREAT REASON #10: Harvey James Management Casting & Audition Techniques: Do you have your “elevator pitch” memorised? Our ‘Casting & Audition Techniques’ module is specially designed to ensure you can walk into any casting with an air of confidence, ready to stand out from the crowd.

GREAT REASON #11: Harvey James Management Presentation (Beauty/Styling): Our advanced presentation module is specially designed to enhance your natural beauty from the inside out with industry skincare and makeup tips. For our male models, we teach you how to dress according to your height and body shape so you can show up to any casting prepared and confident.

GREAT REASON #12: Harvey James Management Nutrition (Health & Wellness): Using the ‘food as medicine theory’, we educate you on best nutrition practices to maintain a healthy brain-gut connection that enhances your mood, mindset, body, and skin appearance for a healthier, happier you!

GREAT REASON #13: Harvey James Management Catwalk Movement Mastery: Our Catwalk Configurations module teaches you the skill of movement, posture, footwork and walks for all types of modelling scenarios to ensure you are ready for any working environment opportunity.

GREAT REASON #14: Harvey James Management Photographic Physical Intelligence: This is designed to teach you how to be photo and film ready – every career is different, and our commercial photographer in-person training will ensure you have a complete understanding of how to position and protect yourself all while developing your professional and unique model ready look.

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Katherine Hay – Kaptured Nutrition 1-on-1 video conference

  • Health Assessment Quiz
  • Wellness, Skin, food (eating to maintain skin health & important nutrients to focus on)
  • Gut health and how this can impact the brain gut connection (depression / anxiety)
  • How to support your body with food and lifestyle changes
  • Supplements
  • Understanding there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ to food and diet choices
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Health isn’t just about food it’s about lifestyle
  • Finding the right people to surround yourself with and enjoying mindfulness



Kate Heussler – The Model Masterclass online learning + 1-on-1 video conference

  • Getting squared away
  • Your personal administration
  • Productivity & organisation
  • Getting setup to work and earn an income
  • What is branding and why is it important?
  • Top 10 tips to building a personal brand
  • Networking
  • Your comp card
  • Your website
  • Social media as a model
  • Your model portfolio
  • Staying ahead of the game
  • Securing work as a model



Kate Heussler – The Model Masterclass online learning + 1-on-1 video conference

  • First impressions & Introduction techniques
  • Different platforms & their uses
  • Role play
  • Interview training & techniques
  • Building your own profile in training
  • Public figure profiles
  • Social media etiquette
  • Encountering the media
  • Personal PR
  • Perfecting your elevator pitch



In person 1-on-1 skin and makeup session 

  • Unearth your inner beauty to radiate your appearance
  • How you look can be measured by how you feel
  • Skin types
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Common Skin Problems
  • Skin Care & Products
  • Prepping your skin for photoshoots
  • Prime/Correct/Base
  • Makeup/Where to apply
  • Face Shape & Colouring
  • Contour
  • Affordable essentials
  • Demonstration
  • Useful websites/Resources


Jirach Sarape – Freelance Men’s Stylist in person 1-on-1 styling session

  • Proportions
  • Body shape/height
  • Complimentary dressing
  • Colour theory
  • Current trends
  • Wardrobe variations/Tailoring
  • Elevated dressing
  • What to wear to a casting
  • Creative input on set



Peter Sereno – Freelance International Pageant Trainer & Founder of The Pageant Institute in-person 1-on-1 session

  • Posture
  • The different types of catwalk
  • Classic catwalk techniques
  • Turns
  • Walking to different types of music
  • Demonstration & practical theory



Edward Mulvihill – International Freelance Photographer in manual format

  • Film “Reely and Truly” / No set path; every career is different
  • References of other videos to further enhance your knowledge of photography
  • The Industry – Learning historical references (Iconic Images / Image Makers)
  • The Individual – Creating a professional persona / Understanding your Market / Who you appeal to
  • How to target your market through the photographers you work with
  • Understanding that you are a blank canvas for the client
  • Physical Intelligence – Control and awareness of your body / Creating emotion
  • Interpersonal Relationships – Understanding the social relations on set / Being part of a team / Understanding the nature of the photographic industry / The role of nudity / boundaries and protecting yourself / Developing a professional attitude / Commitment to career
  • The Product – Reading and understanding references and visual communication (semiotics) / Separating the elements of an image (Light, form, emotion, H&M)



Heidi Hannele – Sydney based fashion, beauty, and commercial photographer in-person session


Ben Dilger – Hobart portrait, landscape, interiors and lifestyle photographer in-person session


Cal Hadaway – Perth based Fashion, Portraiture & Fine Art Photographer


  • Portfolio photoshoot with posing tips & photographer
  • A curated selection of images chosen by HJM Founder & Principal Jade Taylor
  • Chosen images edited ready to take to castings and begin working as a professional model


To apply to enrol in our TOP MODEL STARTER PROGRAM please fill out the HJM application form below.
Please include images as requested. A member of our team will contact you for immediate enrolment. Flexible payment plans are available.

Persons under 18 years require parental or guardian permission to apply.

Enrolment in our TOP MODEL PRO PROGRAM is at the discretion of the HJM Top Model Development Team.

Once our TOP MODEL PRO PROGRAM students complete the PRO PROGRAM in full, they are invited to book a TOP MODEL AGENCY SIGNING INTERVIEW with the HJM Agency at the Perth Head Office or via video conference.

Persons under 18 years require parental or guardian permission to apply.

Your guardian will be required to attend the HJM Agency Signing Interview with the HJM Agency.

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    • If you are a successful applicant, you will be contacted by one of our development team members. Meetings are by appointment only.

    We consider our programs an investment. The aim is to impact the lives of young Australians for the better, to teach important life and business skills, and to create a culture within our agency that is hard-working, healthy, and welcoming.

    Learn more about our Top Model Trainers here: https://www.harveyjamesmanagement.com.au/hjm-team/

    If you have any questions, please contact our Top Model Development Team at development@harveyjamesmanagement.com.au

    We love nothing more than offering support and seeing our talent grow.
    Support is offered after through current program information, email updates, social media groups, apps, free information sessions, portfolio update offers, twice yearly catch ups and you are always welcome to call, video conference, or book an appointment to visit our Head Office and say hello person.

    Jade Taylor

    Founder & Principal
    Harvey James Management

    – – – –

    *More testimonials regarding our Trainers & our Top Model Program from graduated students are available for your perusal


    The HJM Development program is very well structured and tailored towards each individual. The coaches were extremely helpful and delivered the content in an engaging way but, also making it personable for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Riverson R

    The Harvey James Management Development Program has been essential to finding an exciting and inclusive pathway into the industry. With experienced and passionate mentors, I would recommend Jade’s team to anyone wanting to maximise their potential.

    Nathan H

    I enrolled in the Harvey James Management model training in the hopes of gaining more insight into the modelling industry, and to help start my career. Harvey James Management went above and beyond to provide me with this, and through the incredible trainers I met in the course, I was able to gain important knowledge that I believe will strongly benefit not only my modelling career but my everyday life. All the workshops were presented in an exceptionally organised, and professional manner, with certain aspects tailored to meet each different model’s needs. I would happily recommend Harvey James Management to anyone wanting to get into the modelling industry, or to anyone just wanting to gain more confidence, in a warm and welcoming environment.

    Sophie J

    I really appreciated the one on one time that we got with the trainers to help understand what is needed for each of us individually. The trainers were also very kind and had a relaxed vibe, so it was easy to get along with them and nothing was awkward. I liked the folder with printed information that we could refer to later and I enjoyed working and talking to the other girls in the course.

    Jessie B

    Harvey James offers young aspiring models an authentic pathway into the modelling industry, one, unlike any other company I have been involved with before. I completed the Development Program earlier this year, which provided me a snapshot of the modelling experience. I was privileged to work with a range of professionals across all areas of the industry. Kate Heussler and Peter Sereno in particular were of great help in preparing me for castings and advising my future pathway. In my first ever photoshoot, Ben Dilger was extremely encouraging and I was blown away by the photos produced. With the help of Harvey James, I have already been cast for 3 major campaigns, involving a range of work to expand my portfolio. Jade is so easy to talk to and makes the effort to connect with all her models, ensuring our feelings are always taken into consideration. She is incredibly devoted in her work, empathic, and a woman I continue to admire. Harvey James has and continues to, empower me as I commence my modelling journey. 

    Amanda G

    I absolutely loved the HJM development program. It gave me great insight into behind the scenes of the fashion industry and what being a model involves.

    Kalani V

    Both the courses were great! Jade was very welcoming when I first had my interview. She gave me heaps of knowledge into the model industry and I had great fun. Jade is a great role model and someone to look up to.

    Mollie D


    @ harveyjamesmgmt