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Welcome to HJM!

Although I am now a highly respected business woman and a champion for the modelling industry it wasn’t always this way…

My dream at a very early age of becoming a famous model was almost over before it could even begin.

I didn’t give up instead using my painful lessons as fuel to drive my perseverance and hunger to learn, advance and fulfil my dream.

My efforts and work ethic started to pay off as I was given a lucky break that I used as a springboard to reaching my goal of becoming a top model.

It become apparent to me after being let down and continuously taken advantage of time and time again that most people did not have my best interest at heart and that my dream of being a famous model was quickly turning into a nightmare.

I decided to stay and fight taking on the unscrupulous companies and going about revolutionising the industry for the better for all by taking my lessons and adversity and turning it into real opportunities for up and coming models.

After 20 years in the modelling industry, I’m proud to say that we have completely turned the industry on its head and have built from the ground up a new and ground breaking concept. 

One of caring fairness, innovation and opportunities for all to advance and enhance their abilities and reach their dreams in a supportive industry-leading and thriving environment. 

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Because with our help you absolutely can!

Jade x



Emily Thompson started her role as the HJM Development Co-Ordinator in March 2021 whilst studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a Major in Marketing.

As HJM front of house, Emily spends her time following up with potential model leads, interviewing new prospects, nurturing the model/academy relationship, initiates training for new models in development and guides them through the training process. Emily also oversees many of the day-to-day duties in the Perth office.

When applying to join the HJM family, Emily will most likely be the first friendly face you encounter.



Jirach Sarape has always had an affinity with fashion.

His love for all things stylish, led Jirach to immerse himself in retail for the last 8 years, as well as study a Bachelor of Design with a Fashion Design Major at an early age.

Jirach’s keen eye for proportions and the right fit made him the perfect candidate to lead the newly created HJM men’s styling training module. This is the first HJM module that has been curated specifically with male models in mind. In Jirach’s session he will work 1:1 with the male model in training, to understand the model’s perception of their own style and their desired aesthetic outcome. He will demonstrate proportion, explain the theory behind complementary dressing, discuss current trends and visually use the model’s own wardrobe to edit, whilst providing considered thoughts on variations.

This training will allow each HJM male model to make elevated dress decisions in a timely manner, build a versatile wardrobe, understand what to wear to nail a casting every time, and have creative input when on set, all whilst training in an enjoyable, friendly and supportive environment geared towards the discerning male.



Kate is a Sydney-based creative, model and coach with big dreams of helping aspiring models make their way into the industry. She is a qualified graphic designer, marketing & social media consultant with 15+ years working in Australia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Kate also has a client portfolio spanning 10+ years as a professional model across commercial campaigns, editorial covers and features, television commercials and runway.

Kate joins the Harvey James Management Team as a multifaceted businesswoman, proud minimalist, and devoted mother; inspiring our models to get out of their comfort zone and find a pathway that is authentic to them, sustainable and profitable. She is a strong advocate for tackling self esteem and body confidence issues amongst today’s youth; the premise of her online school ‘The Model Masterclass’. Through her Branding + Reputation Management and Casting + Audition Techniques sessions here at HJM, our students will learn the essentials of getting started in the industry. 

“I have always lived by my truth that success in the model industry doesn’t have to cost you your health, compromise your self worth or sacrifice your personal values. The most attractive thing about you should have less to do with your face or body and more to do with your heart and how you treat people.”


  • 10+ years industry experience as a Professional Model (campaigns, catalogues, TVC, runway)

  • 5+ years coaching aspiring Models

  • 15+ years experience mentoring teens as an Instructor in the Australian Air Force Cadets

  • 12+ years design/marketing experience in AU, USA and UK markets

  • Mrs Australia 2014 (International Top 5)

  • Bachelor Visual Arts (maj) Digital Design + Photography, Advanced Diploma Business, Advanced Diploma Leadership + Management

  • Working With Children Check (NSW)

  • Proud supporter of animal advocacy, cancer awareness + domestic violence prevention charities.

Kate Heussler (website)

Kate Heussler (Instagram)



Katherine is a Clinical Nutritionist and the Founder of Kaptured Nutrition. Katherine has a BA of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine and is an Accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. Her core philosophies and values lie within supporting the whole person and treating the root cause of a presenting health complaint rather than a signs and symptom approach. Katherine modelled full-time in Melbourne when she was 18-22 and then part-time until she was 26. She walked the runway for many Australian Fashion week designers, featured in Harpers Bazaar magazine, Jeans West and Life without Andy. She has experienced first-hand the pressure of trying to stay fit, healthy and maintain a healthy relationship with food.

Katherine believes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and everyone is extremely different, therefore treatment plans are personalised to the individual.

There are many myths about what is considered ‘healthy’ and ‘diet’ trends these days. Katherine will provide you with the latest scientific research about nutritional medicine – a simple, attainable, realistic, non-restrictive approach to health care that does not leave you feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Kaptured Nutrition was an idea born from Katherine’s mantra:

“Encompassing holistic health with adventure, nutritional medicine, wellbeing, using food as medicine and mindfulness”



Peter Sereno is Australia’s first professional pageant coach and is credited solely for putting Australia back on the beauty pageant map.

His first gig coaching Jennifer Hawkins resulted in Australia’s second Miss Universe winner and since 2004 every single talent he has coached has successfully placed, earning Australia the reputation of being a pageant powerhouse in the region.

He continues to be one of the most sought after runway trainers in the country, is the Director of The Pageant Institute and is the creator of Australia’s first pageant resource centre, Dear Pageant Girl.



Edward Mulvihill Started his photographic career in New York city in 2010. Assisting photographers such as Mario Testino and David Sims. During this time, Edward obtained extensive knowledge in photographic studio lighting, portrait photography, and the fashion industry at large.

Since his return to Australia, Mulvihill has exhibited international shoots for magazines such as GQ Australia, Harpers Bazaar Australia and other publications in the News Media Group. He retains clients such as Bangarra Dance Theatre, Alex Perry, Aje, the Australian Orchestra, Akin, and Mcgraw.

Edward is currently working towards solo shows in Sydney while continuing to expand his career in photography and fine arts. Edward is currently represented by Lion management in Sydney Australia where he currently resides.




Ben’s portfolio spans across portrait, landscape, interiors and lifestyle. Through the use of subtle colour and light his images evoke an emotion drawn from various influences, including a love for cinema and the outdoors.

Having just recently returned to his home state of Tasmania after almost two decades living in Sydney, NSW, Ben is keen to get out and explore the once familiar territory and meet the people that call it home.
He has recently been published in House and Garden Australia, Adore Magazine, Fete life and various websites.



Cal’s photographic journey began in 2013 as nothing more than a class subject. But a year after graduation the passion and excitement grew.

His portfolio is strongly enriched with a dominant editorial style mixed with commercial elements. With years of experience, naturally, he formed a keen eye for posing, lighting, styling and retouching.

Inspired by European art forms, Cal stands out from the Australian market and produces images that captivate you.

Cal has worked with models who are just beginning their careers; To models who are at the top of the agency. Through this he has learnt many techniques that are utilized to create dynamic poses that get the best out of the models.
A history of retouching and styling has encouraged Cal to be a very well-rounded photographer capable of anything thrown his way.

With all his experience, Passion and knowledge going into every shoot, the most important thing for Cal is fun. For everyone to have a great time, and to feel excited about what is being created!



Heidi Hannele is a fashion and beauty photographer with a distinct feminine signature and passion for storytelling. Her editorial and campaign work has been featured across both Australian and international print publications as well as her commercial work landing her shopfront window exposure, brand packaging and catalogues.

Heidi’s impressive commercial skill set includes videography, e-commerce, lookbook, ghost imagery and flat lay. She regularly works with private international clients for retouching campaign and editorial work as well as retouching all her own editorial and campaign work.

As founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Australian brand, Lita Magazine. Heidi holds creative control of the Australian based platform, working alongside a team of editors, she creates powerful fashion narratives delivering content to Australia’s most prominent brands and retailers including the likes of Alice McCall, Sass and Bide and Wittner.

Under Heidi’s watchful creative eye, Lita Magazine has thrived and been highly commended within the industry for allowing the next generation of Australian talent to have a defining platform be heard on. Her commanding fashion and beauty photography continues to inspire.


@ harveyjamesmgmt