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Island Magazine 149

“A bride, with chest stripped bare, walks the catwalk with difficulty, her arms tied by her garment, her veil rendering her anonymous. She has no agency, no personality. She could be the cropped tit poster on the lunchroom wall. As the music builds to an aggressive pitch, she falls to the floor. The room blacks out.
The opening scene of designer Sonia Heap’s ‘the Armoury’ presents a deliberate reversal of traditional fashion shows where the bridal gown is the final reveal, inferring a woman’s ultimate ambition.
In a deeply personal response to her own experience of domestic violence, Sonia has designed a full suite of garments that reflect upon ways that becoming the bride can, instead, be the beginning of a perilous journey for a woman …”

A work in six parts, ‘the Armoury’ is described in the latest issue of Island magazine in Sonia’s own words. Island 149 is available to purchase online or from over 900 stockists across Australia.

Find your local stockist: https://islandmag.com/pages/stockists


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